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[MOD] Mine Treasure 1.4.3


Mine Treasure 1.4.3

Updated to 1.21

Developer Note: Attribute changes, most enchants will be listed as attributes in item tooltip. Attributes have moved from UUID to an ID system, hopefully this does not break anything when a player is upgrading from 1.20.6 to 1.21.

Modded Biome Tag support

  • Treasures now have biome priority, it will check the prioritised biome tag. No Mine Treasure biomes have changed as a result of this. However, most mods should now be compatible with Mine Treasure since this allows for Mine Treasure to utilise c:tags


  • Fixed Rare Charms not having a timer.
  • Fixed Meadow being consider both Flower and Mountain biome.
  • Fixed Spawn Frequency settings to show actual percentages.
  • Fixed Reach potion potentially not resetting the reach effect.
  • Fixed Donkey Wand not working.


mine-treasure-1.4.3.jar(10.15 MiB) Primary Download

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