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Moxlib Exp

Moxvallix's Datapack Creation Library - Experimental Expansion

Moxlib Exp is an optional expansion on the base library. It is home to any functions that require functionality that is considered experimental. It shares the same namespace as Moxlib, such that it integrates seamlessly, and consistently, into the API. Core Moxlib functions will never rely on Moxlib Exp functions.

Moxlib Exp should only be used if Moxlib is also installed.

It's documentation is maintained within the Moxlib repository, alongside the rest of the library, only marked as "experimental".

Installing Moxlib Exp will mark a world as "Experimental", and will prompt a warning on each load.

Moxlib Exp is licensed under the GNU LGPL, meaning you are free to use it in your own Datapacks, themselves under any license, but any changes you make to Moxlib must be released under the terms of the LGPL. See for full license.

Suggestions and contributions welcomed!

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