MuffinHunt Datapack

MuffinHunt Datapack

Mod and data pack

A Manhunt-style datapack with a few twists.

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This is the MuffinHunt datapack! You'll find features packed for MuffinHunts!

What is a MuffinHunt?

A MuffinHunt, in short, is a variation of Manhunt, with extra rules. Among those rules are other changes like having starting kits (which are mostly for balancing), automatically increasing kits, and more. You can find a full list of rules and explanations about the series here.

How To Use

Place the zip file that you downloaded in your Minecraft world (.minecraft/saves/[worldname]/datapacks by default) folder and you are good to go! You can trigger the functions manually, but you will not need to run any commands beyond /trigger StartMuffinHunt to work. You'll find them under namespace muffinhunt:. You will have to manually assign tags, however while a MuffinHunt is running, you can do /function muffinhunt:dev/assign_permanent_tags. This will assign tags that will not be removed on the end of the MuffinHunt.

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