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This is an Add-On for Cobblemon.

Models in this pack are made by either the Cobblemon Team, Myself or part of the CobbleLand Server!

For any support required regarding the pack, please send a message Here

Pokemon I made

Models: Axew, Fraxure, Haxorus, Dialga, Palkia, Zorua, Zoroark and Giratina

Textures: Shiny Chikorita Line

What Pokemon are currently in this pack:

Yveltal - Spawns in Dark Forests at night

Buzzwole - Spawns in Swamps

Roodikee, Corvisquire, Corviknight - Spawns in Swamps, Mountains and Forests

Chikorita, Bayleef, and Meganium - Plains, and Forests

Sprigatito, Floragato, Meowscarada - Can be found in Forest, Flower Forests, and Plains

Victini - Savannas

Marshadow - Deep Dark

Meloetta - Meadow and Sunflower Plains

Jirachi - The End, Mountain and Hills Biomes

Mew - Floral and Jungle Biomes during Noon

Bronzor & Bronzong - Caves, Dark Forest (Any time) and Mountains (Night)

Zorua, Zoroark - Dark Forests, Plains and Taiga (Night)

Moltres - Badlands Biomes (morning to noon)

Articuno - Ice Spikes

Zapdos - Plateau Biomes

Mewtwo - Anywhere in the world during the Afternoon

Rayquaza - Sunflower Plains during the day and clear skies

Xerneas - Flower Forests (Morning)

Poipole, Naganadel - Mangrove Swamps

Walking Wake - Beach and Coast Biomes during the morning

Iron Leaves - Floral Biomes and The End

Giratina - The End

Poochyea and Mightyena - Dark Forests, Plains, and Taigas and night

Pawniard and Bisharp - Plateau, and Mountain biomes

Dialga - Peak Biomes

Palkia - Beaches/Lukewarm Oceans during clear skies

Axew, Fraxure, Haxorus - Mountains/Highlands

Tyrunt, Tyrantrum - Mountains

Cranidos/Rampardos: Deserts, Caves and Mountains Biomes

Shieldon/Bastiodon: Deserts, Caves and Mountains Biomes

Anorith/Armaldo - Jungles, Caves and Mountains Biomes

Amaura/Aurorus - Cold, Freezing and Gaclial Biomes

Uxie/Mesprit/Azelf - River Biome

Regirock - Desert Biome

Registeel - Jagged Peaks Biome

Regigigas - Stony Peaks Biome

Rellor/Rabsca - Jungle Biomes

Tapu Koko, Lele, Fini, Bulu - Spawns in the Jungle and Forests

Cosmog - Spawns in Floral Biomes

Cosmoem - Spawns in Floral Biomes

Solgaleo - Spawns in Badlands and Savannas in the mornings

Lunala - Spawns in the End and Dark Forests at night

Necrozma - Spawns in the End and Dark Forests at night

Ultra Necrozma - Evolves from Necromza at lvl 80

Yungoos/Gumshoos - Spawns in Plains Biomes

Magearna - Spawns in Forest Biomes

How to Install:

Put folder into your resourcepacks folder (client side) and your datapacks folder (server side).

Please send me a message via Discord @iMystxc#6923 if you run into any issues or have any suggestions!

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