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Blood moons, insanity, technology and more galore! Explore new structures, fight a ton of new monsters, obtain new toolsets, fight bosses and sacrifice your mind to the dark and taboo arts of this mysterious world! Create a redstone revolution! Take on fierce monsters and more! The world is dangerous yet fulfilling.

As datapacks are somewhat limited, we have to make this combined version of our other projects to be able to use both together. You may notice some issues as this is technically a datapack running as a mod, but we've tried to make it as smooth sailing as possible. Check them out individually here:

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User Credits:

The credits are ever-growing, keep up to date here!

πŸ™‹ FAQ πŸ™‹

🧐 General
Nevermore is a datapack packaged as a mod for ease of use. We're working on the mod port but time and skill is limited. Issues may arise. Be patient!

πŸ‘“ Where is the resource pack?
Click the text on the download button instead of the green arrow, and you'll be taken to two downloads. I know it's weird. Blame Modrinth.

πŸ› οΈ Why are textures replaced with those of other datapacks?
You'll just need to merge the resourcepacks of any other datapack you're using via Weld, or manually if you like suffering. This means you'll have to use the datapack version instead of the mod however. Nevermore contains all of our project's assets combined already.
➼ Weld

πŸ”Ž Rendering issues caused by OptiFine and Sodium
OptiFine tends to cause issues with our datapacks. These may include rotated or invisible monsters, a sanity bar offset and more. We're not exactly sure why, as OptiFine is closed source. There's many better alternatives. Additionally, shaders (whether they be Iris or OptiFine) will override our projects and not work. Sodium may cause issues too but not necessarily.
➼ on OptiFine

πŸ’» Rendering issues caused by hardware
Unfortunately, you may encounter issues with older hardware. We're not sure of the exact specifics you need to play, but you may see mobs become stretchy, rapidly flashing textures or the entire world turning black. We are looking to fix this issue and the previous one however. Some mods can help fix it.
➼ FerriteCore
➼ ModernFix

πŸ’” This feature is broken
Make sure you are on the right Minecraft version. Some server or plugin software may cause issues with our datapacks. This notoriously includes Paper, Spigot, Bukkit, Paper and Purpur. You can try to mess around with the config files, but it's recommended to use Vanilla or Fabric, and sometimes Forge with varying results.

πŸ‘΅ Can I play on older versions?
Older versions and backporting is not supported but you may be able to find some on Modrinth.

🧱 I can't find items in the creative inventory (and other commands)
An unfortunate limitation of datapacks. I added a command menu that allows you to spawn in items, mobs, set your sanity and control blood moons. It's not perfect but it works for now.
➼ /function nucleus:menu

πŸ’» Commands πŸ’»

You can open up a menu with all custom commands here:
➼ /function nucleus:menu

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