Update 2.14.6



  • Fixed the Dragon Scales obtained from performing Dragonology Research tasks. They will now be accepted by the Dragonologist. If you already have some Dragon Scales, you can use "/loot give @s loot nitk:items/dragon_scale" to get a new one, and then duplicate it to the amount you have obtained or beyond, then delete the old ones.

Optional RP:

  • Added Chinese language translations courtesy of Discord user ZeroIceBear. Note that as new major updates are released, fan translations like these may need to be updated periodically, or otherwise may fall partly out of date.
  • Moved the lang files to the nitk namespace from the minecraft namespace. Unsure if this is necessary or helpful, but may help to reduce conflicts.


new-in-town-by-kanokarob-v2.14.6.zip(2.79 MiB) Primary Download
new-in-town-official-rp-by-kanokarob-v1.2.zip(774.53 KiB) Optional resource pack Download

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