Update 2.15 | The Warfare Update


This update, dubbed the Warfare Update, brings a much needed overhaul to the Nether, and specifically to the attacks upon the Tyrant's Bases as you launch your Counteroffensive. Due to the nature of the changes, this version is not backwards compatible with any worlds that have already started a Nether Fortress. Any worlds that have not yet reached that stage in the story may be able to update safely, but this is never guaranteed.


  • Reduced the volume of the Tyrant's hurt sound effects.
  • Stopped output logs from helpfully, if falsely, spitting warnings regarding mob loot tables. These were a result of some loot tables being used in contexts where a killer wouldn't be specified, and only served to be annoying rather than indicate that anything was broken.


  • Added the Pasture, a new Large Site. When it's built, it will have a full Water Cauldron and a Hay Bale in the middle trough area, and starts with no farm animals. Every day at noon, it will consume the Water and Hay, and produce one matching offspring for every pair of Cows, Pigs, Sheep, or Chickens within the enclosure. If there are no pairs, it won't consume the resources, and vice versa.
  • Updated the look of the Guard Tower to better match the castle's aesthetic, and made it taller.
  • Updated the look of the Wizard Tower to better match the castle's aesthetic, and added a new magical method of ascending and descending.
  • Added Block of Bamboo to the Lumberer's trades.
  • Fixed the Mooshroom Habitat building one block higher than expected.
  • Fixed the Festival Grounds not tracking time correctly.
  • Added a Site Planner model to the Bank Planner and fixed it not restoring itself correctly.


  • Overhauled the Tyrant's Bases. This is the biggest change of the update, and one that I hope was well worth the wait! There are simply too many changes to list out completely, but here's the gist, and there are more details in the new Ultimate Strategy Guide inside the .zip folder!
    • The intervals at which your scouts discover bases have changed to be when you build your 1st, 2nd, 4th, 6th, 7th, and 9th structures.
    • Attacks now occur the next (overworld) evening after you build the appropriate structure number, rather than immediately on construction.
    • Attacks are now more like events or mini-raids. They are all objective-based, and need to be taken out by force before discovering new bases.
    • Rewards for all bases have been improved.
    • Added new advancements for dispatching each base.
    • Added three new unique bases: The Ghast Nursery, the Black Barracks, and the Eternity Beacon.
    • Made the Portal Factory the new final base.
    • Changed the Tyrant's spawn condition at the Portal Factory. Now, rather than building a Wither yourself, he will simply spawn naturally after the objectives at the Portal Factory have been destroyed.
    • Redistributed Loot Barrels. Now all bases have some, but there's fewer at each individual one.
    • Removed Wither Skulls and Ancient Debris from each base. Wither Skulls are no longer necessary to progress the story, and Ancient Debris now has a chance to drop from destroying objectives.
    • Tyrant Mobs no longer glow. Instead, the objectives do.
  • Added the Heart Mechanist. This structure has a villager that will exchange your Tyrannical Hearts for redstone machinery such as Pistons, Observers, and Hoppers. You'll end up getting a lot more Tyrannical Hearts, so this gives you something additional to do with them. You can still also sell Tyrannical Hearts to the War Strategist for Gold Ingots.
  • Added the Scout Spyglass. As the Tyrant's Bases are revealed, their approximate locations will be plotted on a 3D map inside this structure, centered on your Nether Fortress. It will always show the accurate direction from your Fortress it is located, and an approximately correct height, but the distance is not to scale.
  • Removed the Tyranny Spotter. It's job has been taken over by the Scout Spyglass.
  • Added Tutorial Tips for building a Scout Spyglass, and discovering the Trawler Ship's engine.
  • Added Upward and Downward Staircases. You can now have your Nether Fortress span multiple levels, in increments of 6. New Downward Staircases cannot be built below Y=49, and new Upward Staircases cannot be built above Y=127. You can however use these to pierce the Bedrock ceiling.
  • Fixed a translation error with the Basalter recipe.
  • Fixed the initial Nether Keep's War Planner returning some or all of its items.
  • Removed Bedrock from all Nether Fortress structures.


  • Updated the Electrician's trades in the Redstone Dome. They're now a little better and have more variety, but don't overlap much with the Heart Mechanist.
  • Updated the Slime Tamer's trades in the Slime Den. They're now a little more powerful.
  • Made the Spawner in the Slime Den spawn a domesticated Slime at noon each Overworld Day. It can't attack or damage you, and will drop considerably more slime balls than normal, especially if killed by a Frog. A new slime will only spawn if there isn't already one nearby.
  • Fixed the Portal Reactor dropping some or all of its items into the Completed End Portal, where they can be picked up on the other side.
  • Actually fixed the Dragon Scales obtained from dragonology structures and loot. The Dragonologist will now accept them properly.

Optional RP:

  • Added new models for the objectives at the Tyrant's Bases.
  • Several Translation Key additions, changes, and removals. These have also been applied to the Template RP inside the data pack.

Custom Recipe Tools:

  • Updated the Template structures for the Fortress Platforms and Nether Keeps to remove the Bedrock block, previously used internally for War Planner placement. You can update your existing custom structures by going to the Bedrock block in the middle of your custom Nether structure and using this command in its location: "/function nitk:debug/replace_bedrock"


new-in-town-by-kanokarob-v2.15.zip(2.97 MiB) Primary Download
new-in-town-official-rp-by-kanokarob-v1.3.zip(793.22 KiB) Optional resource pack Download

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