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Potato based progression for Minecraft.

PotatCraft was made for the first DataPack jam.
PotatCraft won second place!

PotatCraft is a Datapack that changes the main progression of the game. PotatCraft makes the humble potato, an oftentimes overlooked item, into a vital and useful item, without which the player may not progress.

PotatCraft very much aims to slow down early game progression, and allows you to take Minecraft at a slower pace. One of the problems I feel I face with Minecraft is that early game is over too quickly, and I personally don't find late game as fun. If you enjoy farming in minecraft, and taking it easy, then PotatCraft may be a fun challenge for you!

PotatCraft adds three extra potatoes into the game; the Super Potato, the Mega Potato, and the Giga Potato. These potatoes are used to craft the main tools and weapons that a player would use within Minecraft.

Potato types recipes

Ingredient Tier
Potato Wooden Tools
Super Potato Stone and Gold Tools
Mega Potato Iron Tools
Giga Potato Diamond Tools, Eye of Ender

Pickaxe recipe in PotatCraft

As well, PotatCraft also adds various meat-filled baked potatoes (meat can no longer be smelted, rather must be crafted with a baked potato)
Baked Potato crafting recipes

PotatCraft also adds the delicious Potato Pie:
Potato Pie recipe

Eyes of Ender also require Giga Potatoes:
Eye of Ender recipe

Tips for progressing:

To make any progress in PotatCraft, you will need to farm potatoes. If there is a nearby village, you will be best off starting there, as likely there will be potato farms.

If you cannot find potatoes in the village, do not worry. Seeds can be smelted down to make potatoes. You will, however, need to find a furnace and fuel, as you cannot make a wooden pickaxe without first having a potato.

Super Potatoes can be traded with level 5 farmers. Also, every farmer will trade 10 potatoes for an emerald. Super Potatoes also will rarely drop when harvesting a crop of potatoes. Getting to the nether quickly, and getting a soul sand valley will be very useful, as the bountiful bonemeal will greatly speed up progression.

You will also notice that there is an additional item in the promo image for this datapack. It is a challenge for players to figure out how to craft the Mashed Potato.

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