Yo, searching for some fresh, well-build structures in Minecraft? I present you qraftyfied!

Support and feature request: https://www.qrafty.net/discord

Currently added structures:

  • Japanese villages (cherry blossom)
  • Archeology (dark forests, desert, taiga)
  • Fossil relict (sunflower plains)
  • Bamboo villages
  • Jungle treevillages (Complex Jigsaw)
  • Bunkers / Underground villages
  • Enchanters (mushroom)
  • Ice forts (ice spikes)
  • Birk fort (birch_forest)
  • Hobbit holes (plains, forest)
  • Igloo villages (snowy plains, snowy tundra)
  • Orbital (savanna)
  • Stelzen (2 Variants) (dark oak biome)
  • Dirt hut (plains, forest)
  • Junge treehouses
  • Maya Temple (jungle)
  • Farm (savannah, plains)
  • Tower (Windswept hills, taiga)
  • Sunken citys (mushroom islands)
  • Forts (pine taigas, forests)
  • Camps (planins, forests)
  • Mangrove Watchtowers
  • Stonehenge
  • Graveyards (swamps / mangrove swamps)
  • Wells in dark oak forests
  • Abadoned railroad station (Badlands)
  • Overworld leaks (2 variants in the End)

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