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Updated for 1.20.5. This version will not work prior to 1.20.5. v3.1 functions the same on earlier versions as this does.

Items will now pass through blocks such as grass and flowers.

  • Rewrote everything
  • Items now will drop properly when they are above a hopper
  • Blocks and 3D items now show realistically

Changed namespace of functions to “hide” functions that shouldn’t be run by /function.


  • Optimisation
  • More Optimisation

Mod Installation

If installed on client, it will affect single player worlds and LAN worlds.

If installed on server, it will affect all players connected regardless of whether they have it installed.


  • Optimisation
  • More Optimisation

Note: This datapack will work on all versions listed. Ignore the “Incorrect Version” warning since i can’t do anything about that

This is the mod version of the data pack.

If installed on the client, then it will work on all single player and LAN worlds.

If installed on the server, then it will work for all players connected regardless of whether they have installed the mod.

(It is easier to just install the datapack)

Update to 1.19

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