Rebalanced Loot

server only datapack and mod all modloaders

Rebalanced Loot is a datapack and mod that alters the loot you get from chests!


Rebalanced Loot changes the loot you obtain from chests to do primarily two things:

  1. Immerse the player more with the world. It makes way more sense to find items like raw ores and used pickaxes in Abandoned Mineshafts then melon seeds, for example. Changes like this are made to most chest loot tables with this pack.

  2. Make there an incentive to go to rarer structures for better loot. Rare structures like Woodland Mansions have had their loot massively buffed to make it more worth your time to search them out.

There are also several other minor changes to loot tables that don't necesarily fit into either category.

  • Every chest has a 20% chance of containing a music disc, and all music discs (excluding 5) are now available through chests. Each structure has two discs it can generate with, so you'll have to explore far and wide for all the discs if you want to get them solely through structures.
  • Some structures have biome-dependent loot. Mineshafts will have extra Raw Copper in Dripstone Caves and extra Glow Berries in Lush Caves, for example.

This pack adds no new blocks or items, and thus is entirely server-side.

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