Refined Advancements

Refined Advancements

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Clearer progression advancements and new side-goals to aim for

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Aims to better connect the advancements in the "Minecraft" progression with several changes in parent advancements and the addition of new ones. This project also adds some new goal and challenge advancements to the other advancement tabs.

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New "Minecraft" tab Advancements

  • Create a crafting table
  • Obtain an ender pearl
  • Enter the Deepslate cave layer
  • Craft a diamond pickaxe
  • Eat food
  • Kill the Enderdragon
  • Reach Level 30
  • Encounter phantoms
  • (moved) Sleep in a Bed
  • (cloned) Blaze Rod
  • (cloned) Monster Hunter
  • (cloned) Enderdragon

New Advancements

  • Obtain all overworld ores
  • Find an amethyst geode
  • Enter an Ancient City
  • Swim over magma
  • Enter the deepslate cave layer
  • Bucket clutch
  • Create a conduit
  • Play a disc
  • Enter the ocean
  • Loot a structure chest
  • Loot a Buried Treasure Chest
  • Find a Monster Spawner
  • Use a sponge
  • Sneak with the Swift Sneak enchantment
  • Trade for mending
  • Obtain a shulker box
  • Use bone meal on a plant
  • Use a goat horn
  • Plant a carrot, wheat seed, beetroot seed and potato
  • Attack a zombified piglin
  • Swim over soul sand
  • Obtain a netherite ingot
  • Fly above world height with your elytra

New Challenge Advancements

  • Max enchant your armor with the highest level enchantments
  • Perform a bucket clutch from 64 blocks high
  • Kill an enderman with only your fists
  • Kill 10 mobs without touching the ground or water
  • Obtain all wool colors
  • Obtain all wood logs
  • Above the Nether Roof

Advancement Changes

  • When killing the Ender Dragon, all players within 128 blocks of the player who killed the dragon also get the advancement for it.
  • The Minecraft tab root advancement is now granted immediately when entering the world rather than after collecting wood
  • Major changes to the order and parents of advancements in the Minecraft progression tab and other tabs
  • All hidden advancement descriptions have aqua description text now
  • Allay advancement is no longer hidden
  • Sniffer advancement is no longer hidden

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The improved "Minecraft" tab. Advancements with a white filling in the image are the newly added ones

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