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This library requires Moxlib to function.

GMDU Regex Library

by Gears and Moxvallix.


This library provides a simple regular expression parser, working entirely in mcfunction.

Current Features and Metacharacters

Character Example Description
[] [abc] Character set
[^] [^abc] Inverted character set
[x-y] [A-Z] Character range
() (ab) Group
. . Wildcard
| (a|b) Or
^ ^abc Beginning of string
$ xyz$ End of string
? ab? Zero or one of the preceding token
* ab* Zero or more of the preceding token
+ ab+ One or more of the preceding token
\ \+ Escape following character

If you need help creating your regex pattern, we recommend using RegExr.

Not all features from RegExr are supported in our library, see table above.

Getting Started

This library uses a simple api. The string to match is given in target, and the regex to match with is set in pattern. These are set in the storage, regex:api/match

To run the match, run function regex:api/match.


data modify storage regex:api/match target set value "Hello, World!"
data modify storage regex:api/match pattern set value "[A-Za-z]+"
function regex:api/match
  success: 1b,
  output: ["H","e","l","l","o"]

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