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Originally concepted together with Naomi, _humanoid, Apollo, and MidasDaEpik

Scorched adds small additions to Deserts and Badlands. It aims to maintain the difficulty of these biomes, but reward the player for treading through them. It also provides new ways to survive in these biomes so if you were to spawn in one, you wouldn't be totally doomed.

This project modifies world generation however, it does not modify biome layout so you should be able to use this on an existing world. This project has been tested and works with world generation mods like Tectonic and Terralith, including spawning its structures and mobs in their respective biomes.


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  • Better Desert Pyramid - The Desert Pyramids have received a magical glowup. To obtain the loot inside, you must explore the pyramid, find all three frame pieces, and then assemble them to enter the basement where the chests are guarded by bindings and a golem.
  • Badlands Pyramid: A variant of the new Desert Pyramids, thats larger, more difficult, and filled with fire. The loot inside is better than that of the Desert Pyramid, but its significantly more dangerous to obtain.
  • Sandcrawlers: A new spider variant found in deserts and badlands. These can dig into the sand fast and have more health, but they move slightly slower when not digging, and if on non sand blocks will move even slower -Pyramid Golems: Mobs found inside Badlands and Desert pyramids which defend their basement. If they're causing you trouble, splash them with a splash water bottle to stun and reset them for 5 seconds.
  • Better Desert Wells: Desert Wells have been given 10 new variants! Alongside this, the wells now have a small cave at the bottom with some ores, and occasionally a lush pocket of moss.
  • Cactus Juice: A new food source created in a cauldron with 6 cactus, 6 sugar, and a water bottle. These wont fill you up by much, but you'll be given resistance I for 10 seconds.
  • Beach Sand Crabs: Found on beaches, you'll know ones near when you see little sand particles emerging from the ground. Break the sand and a Sand Crab spring out and give you items like bones, iron, and sometimes treasure.


  • Desert Oasis: A sub-biome of the desert called the Desert Oasis can be found with lush grass, flowers, water, and azalea trees. This area of life can greatly aid you in obtaining wood inside deserts.
  • Better Wooded Badlands: New dark oak trees, large bushes and open terracotta areas can now be found in this improved Wooded Badlands. You'll also still find oak trees.
  • Sparse Wooded Badlands: A more low land and decayed Wooded Badlands. These badlands have quite a few trees but most are decayed
  • Improved Vanilla Features: Cactus now generate in larger patches, and dead bushes are less spammed in Badlands.
  • Scattered Oak Trees: Rarely in deserts and badlands you'll find dead oak trees scattered to give you small bits of wood
  • Oasis Tree Sapling: Plant an oak sapling and drop an azalea on top of it to make it grow into an Oasis Tree
  • Badlands Dark Oak Sapling: Plant a dark oak sapling and drop red sand on top of it to make it grow into a a new dark oak tree! You can also grow it by just placing a dark oak sapling in a wooded badlands biome.


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