This is a datapack adds guns to Minecraft via renaming hoes.


*Maps aren't required, but they are automatic and very fun to play with friends :D

Inside the datapack folder, there will be a folder called Maps. Inside the Maps folder contains automatic maps(play in adventure mode, have weapon selection, etc.)

Here are some sample guns(rename hoes to Blaster will give you these):

  • Wooden Hoe: shoots a red ray(dust particle) with about 2 hearts of damage
  • Stone Hoe: shoots a gray ray(dust particle) with about 2 hearts of damage, makes the target glow
  • Iron Hoe: shoots a white ray(end rod particle) with about 4 hearts of damage
  • Golden Hoe: shoots a gold and green ray(totem of undying particle) with about 4 hearts of damage, makes target glow
  • Diamond Hoe: may be the most powerful one yet, deals different damage(max 6 - 8 hearts) according to distance between ray, summons tnt upon direct impact(entity and blocks). However, it will damage the player in survival(working as intended) and will consume one diamond upon using, will not fire without diamond. Shoots sonic shriek ray
  • Netherite Hoe: shoots a semi-black ray(block particle) with about 4 hearts of damage, gives target 2 minutes of wither

More guns and details see gallery.

Note that the scoreboard on the right(in some images) is only for debugging while I develop the pack, and it is not in the actual pack by default.

To enable weapon_held_type scoreboard type in chat:

/scoreboard objectives setdisplay sidebar held_weapon_type

Other Info(and warnings if any):

Resource pack is not required but recommended as it will make the carrot-on-a-stick invisible.

You may see chest breaking particles when you shoot or switch to a gun, this will be fixed in the future if possible.

Current Issues:

  • Blasters does not work with undead mobs, wither, or ender dragon, as the damage method is through out the instant damage effect, will resolve in future [will be solved in the next version]

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