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Click here to download the datapack weapon textures! This is not needed if using the mod version


Spellbound Weapons is a datapack that adds 21 new high quality designed weapons to your Minecraft world, each aimed to give players a new way of combatting mobs over the generic vanilla way of just upgrading your weapon across ore tiers. Some weapons are more realistic like the Dagger and some are more fantasy like the Moonlight Edge. Each one has their own rarities, special quirks, and uses for their own situations

Each can be found in survival mode but aswell you can use /function 1_splatus:spellbound/item_list to view them all with commands.

Use the command /function 1_splatus:spellbound/settings in chat to configure settings for the Spellbound Weapons.


Spellbound weapons has a wiki! Here you can view information on all the weapons, what they do, and how to obtain them.

Click here to view the wiki

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Creator/Programmer: LimeSplatus#4730

General Weapon Design Help: • SylverStar#7951

Crucible Concept: rhys!#0005

Weapon Damage Stats Help: MidasDaEpik#3698

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