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About šŸ“–

While I appreciate the epic terrain changes of the Caves & Cliffs update, I don't really appreciate how dirty much of the Overworld now looks like. This is a very simple mod that turns big, steep lumps of dirt into stone cliffs, making hilly terrain significantly less ugly. It should work with all mods. That's all. I hope you like it!

Technical details šŸ“‹

Works by adding a placed feature to every biome tagged #minecraft:is_overworld, which then does the magic stuff. It's not the most optimized, I don't think ā€“ I'm fairly sure someone could do this more efficiently, but I'm not that someone and I'm not about to ask anyone to do it for me and I really wanted this for a while so here we are.

āš  You can also use this as a data pack, but it still requires the Forge/NeoForge mod-loader! It won't work in vanilla. Beginning with v1.1.0, you can also use it alongside the Lithostitched mod on Fabric, Forge, and NeoForge.

Red panda fact

Did you know that red pandas are actually pretty good swimmers? In the wild, they tend to live within a few hundred metres of a water stream. They do need to keep hydrated, and their short stubby legs won't allow them to travel great distances! As such, their home ranges tend to be only a few square kilometres, so arises the need for a fresh water source nearby. This means the ideal Minecraft biome for red pandas to spawn in would need to be forested, mountainous, cold, and possess bamboo as well as water. Unfortunately, no such biome exists (well, maybe the cherry grove), which is a very sad note to end on. No, this is not related to the mod, just something I felt like telling you about.

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