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This is an updated version of the original datapack made by Hardel (original link here)


  • Useful Commands

/function enchantplus:give/all ---> To obtain all the enchantments and items

/function #enchantplus:uninstall ---> To uninstall the datapack addons and complements

/function enchantplus:config ---> To access to the Main Config MENU

/function enchantplus:heldenchant/apply/<enchantment> ---> To enchant the item you're holding

/function enchantplus:force_conversion ---> To convert the nearest entity into an "Enchanted mob"

  • New Items

    • Guide book: Get it by throwing a book and quill on top of an enchanting table
    • Charged Bookshelf: Used to increase the enchanting setup Tiers
    • Technical Anvil: Used to merge or extract custom enchantments and curses
    • Polished Lapis: Currency to trade with an Advanced Enchanter
    • Isolated Core: Rare item to remove custom and vanilla curses
    • Blessed Orb: Item to convert a mob into an enchanted one

  • Enchanting Setup

You can place charged bookshelves around the encahnting table from 2 to 5 blocks to increase it's Tier. Each time you level it up it will change the Enchanting table a bit. Like Adding hovering Lapis on top of it.

Tier 1: Allowed to get Low enchantments only ---requirements---> 10 levels and 1 lapis

Tier 2: Allowed to get Average enchantments ---requirements---> 20 levels and 2 lapis

Tier 3: Allowed to get Strong enchantments ---requirements---> 30 levels and 3 lapis

Tier 4: Convert Pages of Power into an enchanted book

Tier 5: Cool particles (for now)

  • Technical Anvil Modes

    • Merging Mode

This mode is similar as vanilla's one. You can combine enchanted books with other enchanted books; enchanted books with items; enchanted items with other enchaned items of the same type. It will give you a preview of the result item, then you can confirm the action by clicking on the middle button.

The base XP cost to use the Technical Anvil is 10 levels, however you can modify it by using the in-game Menu Confing

  • Extracting Mode

This mode allow you to extract any custom or vanilla enchantment. You just need to place your enchanted item on the left and some normal books on the right and click on the middle bottom button to get the enchantment. This method has no cost!

In case you want to remove custom or vanilla curses, place an Isolated Core on the right in order to extract it, however there is a small chance that during this action your enchanted item may lose some of it's custom or vanilla enchantments, be careful with that.

  • Disenchant System

In case you want to get rid of ALL your custom and vanilla enchantments. Jus throw your enchanted item or book on top of a grindstone to get rewarded with XP (kind of similar as vanilla's). Keep in mind that you won't be able to remove custom curses or vanilla cuses using this method.

The XP reward is based on how many enchantments your item has and at what level they were with some randomization to add more XP.

  • Extensions

These are built-in features that can be toggled on/off depending on your needs.

1.- Mob Use

Most hostile mobs can use any custom enchanted gear, this depends if the mob is capable of using ranged or melee weapons; as well as wearing armor.

2.- Mob Spawning

Every few often you should see hostile mobs spawning with TE+ enchanted gear. They can't spawn wearing netherite gear though. Be prepared, some of them could result being a bit challenging to face.

3.- Chest Loot

Any vanilla structure chest has a 30% chance to have a custom enchanted book as loot! However, this book has also a 10% chance of being a curse. Important to notice that TE+ uses a different system to achieve this, and it doesn't overwrite vanilla loot-table, meaning that TE+ is complatible with any chest loot-table datapacks.

4.- Exceed vanilla enchantment level

You can basically get enchantments such as Efficiency VI or Looting IV. For this you need to combine to max level books in the Technical Anvil, and then you can use that exceeded book in your items, using yet again, the Technical Anvil. You can find the complete enchantments list in the wiki, or checking the Guide Book.

In total there is a new max enchantment level for 20 vanilla enchantments!!

5.- Villagers

You can change a default librarian into an "Advanced Enchanter" by placing down a charged bookshelf below it's workstation. After that you will be able to trade custom enchantments and curses with it and maybe some exclusive items!

By default this type of villager won't be able to have discounts, it will have some limited trades and they can't restock speacial item trades. However you can change all of that with the Extensions Config menu

You can expend TE+ content with:

Addons: Add more enchantments with TE+ environment

Complements: Make modded items compatible with TE+ enchantments

Mod Version: For Fabric and Forge