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Allows you to regrow custom trees from Terralith and Blooming Biosphere by using vanilla saplings placed in a custom biome. The sapling used for that custom tree is based on the leaves/log of the custom tree you are growing. White effect particles when placed indicate that you have placed a custom tree.

Growing Vanilla Trees: Crouch/Sneak while placing a sapling in a custom biome to make it grow into a vanilla tree rather than a custom one.


Check out Terralith Here:

Check out Blooming Biosphere Here:

Note that these two projects are currently not compatible, so you cant use them together. When using one or the other, checks for biome saplings for the unused project won't be run.


Stardust Labs/Terralith License: click here

Splatus Projects License: click here

In summary, just dont republish this project or send modified copies to other people. You may modify it in singleplayer or in your own server. You are free to add this to modpacks as well.

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