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Christmas Monster Header The Christmas Monster is an exiting new datapack that adds a very powerful, Christmas-themed miniboss to your Minecraft world!

Both Christmas Monsters side-by-side The Christmas Monster comes in two, very distinct variants. After constructing the appropriate Christmas tree you can throw either a golden block or a diamond block to spawn the Christmas Monster. Depending on which you use, you will spawn either the easier or harder variant of the Christmas Monster. A gold block will spawn the easier and a diamond block will spawn the harder. The Diamond Christmas Monster is much more difficult, but it drops 3x the loot of the Golden Christmas Monster!
The Christmas Monster has a very large multitude of different abilities it can employ in combat. One of the most notable of these abilities, is the Spawn Present ability. The Christmas Monster will spawn a present on the ground and after 3 seconds a random thing will pop out of it! This can vary from an emerald or lapis, to a creeper or live TNT! A Christmas Present
A screenshot of the loot from the Christmas present Once the Christmas Monster has died, it will drop a Christmas present. The Christmas present contain a whole ton of goodies! Alongside a bunch of valuable loot, it also has some decorative custom heads!

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