Humanity has always dreamed of traversing the universe in search of unknown planets and moons. And now, this is to some extent possible in vanilla Minecraft!

The Expansion adds 7 space-related dimensions, more than 10 structures to find there, 3 vehicles, a lot of custom items, tools, weapons, machines...

... and a whole load of other features!

Getting started

  • Don't forget to download and install the resourcepack!
  • Look at The Moon at night with a spyglass while holding a book and quill in your offhand.

Other Information

  • The datapack is multiplayer compatible.
  • The datapack doesn't work on Minecraft Realms because it utilizes the 'experimental' custom dimension features.
  • Do not remove The Expansion from your server once installed. Instead, disable it with the '/datapack disable' command and leave the files in place. Removing it will break your server.
  • The datapack is only compatible with version 1.19.4.
  • Please report any bugs you may find to my discord server.

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