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The Harvester Header The Harvester adds a brand new miniboss called, you guessed it, The Harvester. Upon death, it drops a quite useful and powerful new weapon. However, killing him is no easy feat. The Harvester has multiple different attacks he can use during combat.

The Scarecrow needed to spawn the Harvester The Harvester can be spawned by constructing the scarecrow to the left and then throwing a golden hoe on the very top of it. Once the spawning process starts it cannot be ended.
The Harvester is a very powerful mob with access to a huge slew of dangerous abilities it can employ. In addition to these abilities, the Harvester also has very high base stats. This fight can be quite a challenge, so make sure you're well equipped. The Harvester
The Harvesters Scythe Once killed the Harvester will drop the Harvester's Scythe. This item can be used as a quick-attacking weapon. It comes with all of the base uses of a hoe, also sporting the efficiency 5 enchantment. The most unique thing about the Scythe is the ability it grants. When the wielder sneaks on fully grown crops, they are instantly harvested and replanted! The holder also sneaks faster on crops,

If you would like to see details about each ability the Harvester can use, go to!

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