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The Otherside

By Final Singularity

Moxvallix: Code, Data packery
Wulfian: Lore, Textures, Loot tables

The Otherside makes use of the wonderful TagLib datapack, by HeDeAn.

This datapack was made for the third Datapack Jam. The theme was "Corrupted".

At the outer fringes of our universe there has been a force – a great force, but terrible - skulking at the edges and slowly devouring it, changing it, corrupting it.

Worlds have fallen, civilisations consumed, changed and all of it feeding the endless madness, the endless hunger.

It waits, skulks, and hungers in the dark.

- Wulfian the Wise

The Otherside is a dimension that has been overrun, twisted, corrupted by Sculk.

A world of rich lore, expanding on the lore of the ancient cities, and the deep dark.

Explore The Otherside to find powerful legendary artefacts; but be warned! The longer you spend in The Otherside, the more corrupted you become!


The Otherside is an end game datapack. The datapack assumes that by the time you enter The Otherside, you will at least have full diamond gear.

To enter The Otherside, you need a Warden's Key. The Warden will drop one upon death. Place the key in the Ancient City, and it will do the rest.

Once there, spend your time wisely. It is not an easy dimension to survive in.

Try not to spend too much time in the water, it is toxic.

Exit portals can be found scattered around the dimension.


If you want to check out the items in the pack without playing through the progression, use this command in an open area:
/place template sculk:demo
There are many legendary items that can be found in loot chests, or are dropped by mobs.

Some, however, need a little more explanation:

The Bundles:
These bundles can hold many more items than their vanilla counterparts. Crouch whilst right clicking the bundle to fill it, and right click without crouching to withdraw.

Bundles will ignore items that do not stack, or only stack to 16.

Having a bundle in your offhand, whilst scrolling your hotbar, allows you to select the item that you want to withdraw.

Inven-tree Roller:

Hold this item in your offhand, crouch, and scroll your hotbar, to cycle through the rows in your inventory.

Item Magnet:

Hold this in your offhand, crouch, and nearby items will fly towards you. It has limited uses, but mends with experience.


Most of these grant you a special effect when they are held.

There are also many more legendary weapons and items to be found, but they need no explanation.

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