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A DataPack made for DataPack Jam #2

Theou adds the dimension of Olympia, the realm of the Ancient Greek Gods.
Explore the unique biomes based on Ancient Greek mythology, and complete tasks given by the gods, in order to gain their blessings.

Minecraft 1.19+ is required.

It is recommended that you use the Resource Pack.


To get started on your journey with Theou, you will need to find an Oracle.

Oracles will generate around your world, and will always emit a mysterious glow... Oracle

Throwing a Diamond Block, as a sacrifice, to the Oracle, will grant you a Task from the Gods.
Right click on the task to accept it.

When you complete a task, you will be granted a favour.
Sacrificing three favours to the Oracle will open a portal to Olympia.
Make sure you get in fast! It only stays open for a minute and a half! Portal

You will arrive high in the sky, in Olympia!
Make sure you guide yourself safely to land!
Once you have arrived, you will then be able to explore to your hearts content!
Can you discover all five of the unique biomes? Olympia

Blessings of the Gods

In Olympia, you will be able to find Temples, dedicated to the many different Gods of Olympia.

Offering a God's favour to the flames in their Temple will grant you a Blessing.
You can tell which Temple belongs to which God, by the coloured concrete on it's roof.
The name of the Favour is coloured the same as it's God.

Around Olympia, there are many more structures to explore, and great treasures to be found!

When you are ready to leave Olympia, simply jump into the void! Don't worry, it's safe!


It is recommended that you explore and experiment around with Theou, to discover how it all works!
However, if you are stuck, or don't have the time to fully explore the world, useful details will be listed below.

Table of Gods

God Task Blessing Colour
Aphrodite Breed 10 Animals Regeneration (to self) + Slowness (to others) Pink
Apollo Sacrifice Cat music disc Infinite Spectral Arrows Blue
Ares Kill 25 Zombies Strength + Resistance Red
Artemis Sacrifice Artemis' Bow from Wandering Trader Infinite Harming Arrows Brown
Athena Sacrifice Golden Apple and Shield Night Vision Purple
Hades Kill 20 Zombie Piglins Fire Resistance, Regeneration and Speed in the Nether Dark Red
Hepheastus Craft 5 iron swords Fire Resistance Black
Hermes Sacrifice each Overworld log type Jump Boost and Speed Orange
Poseidon Kill 20 Drowned Water Breathing and Dolphin's Grace Cyan
Zeus Sacrifice a block of gold Absorption Yellow

Sacrifices are made by throwing the required items one at a time into the Oracle's pool.

Blessings will randomly degrade with use. However, the degradation is global for all blessings.
The degradation goes down over time, if not using blessings.
To use a blessing, hold it in either your main or off hand.

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