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⚠️ Resource Pack Required

You can already trim armour, but what about weapons and tools?
Well, with this Data Pack, you can trim them!


  • 4 Tool Trim Smithing Templates:
    • linear Linear
    • tracks Tracks
    • charge Charge
    • frost Frost
  • 1 block:
    • duplication_recipe Toolsmithing Table
  • 32 trimmable weapons and tools.
  • +1200 combinations!
  • Support for 4 languages:
    • English
    • Español
    • Français
    • Português

How to Install

Data Pack:

  1. Click the "DP & RP" featured version.
  2. Scroll down and Download the Primary file.
  3. If you want to create a World, go to Singleplayer > Create New World > Data Packs > Open Pack Folder.
  4. If you want to put it in an already existing world, go to Singleplayer > Select World > Edit > Open World Folder > datapacks.
  5. Copy/Cut and Paste the file downloaded there.
  6. Open/Create your world (if necessary, run "/reload" in the chat).
    Note: You need to also install the Required Resource Pack.

Required Resource Pack:

  1. Click the "DP & RP" featured version.
  2. Scroll down and Download the Required Resource Pack.
  3. Open Minecraft and go to Options > Resource Packs > Open Pack Folder.
  4. Copy/Cut and Paste the file downloaded there.
  5. Active the Resource Pack.

Mod (DP & RP Packaged):

  1. Download the "Mod" featured version.
  2. Make sure that you installed Forge, Fabric (with API) or Quilt (with API) for 1.20+
  3. Press Win + R and search for "%AppData%".
  4. Go to .minecraft > mods.
  5. Copy/Cut and Paste the file downloaded there.
  6. Run the Mod-Loader that you use.

Toolsmithing Table

A Toolsmithing Table is a block that is used to trim tools and duplicate tool trim smithing templates. It has a similar GUI to the Smithing Table and can be crafted using 2 copper ingots and 4 wood planks.
Note: It will appear a Knowledge Book has the recipe result, but, once you click it, you get the toolsmithing table.


Tool Trim Smithing Templates

These smithing templates are used in Toolsmithing Tables to trim weapons and tools. Each one can be found on a different structure.

Smithing Template Structure Chance (per chest)
linear Linear Trail Ruins 8,3%
tracks Tracks Pillager Outpost 37,5%
charge Charge Ancient City 3,8%
frost Frost Igloo 40%

If you're using the Data Pack between 1.17 and 1.19, the structures where they can be found are a little bit different.

Smithing Template Structure Chance (per chest)
linear Linear Mineshaft 6,7%
charge Charge Ancient City / Shipwreck 3,8% / 1,1%

They can also be duplicated using a Toolsmithing Table.


Tool Trimming

Weapons and tools can be trimmed using a Toolsmithing Table. You can use 10 different materials to trim:

  • amethyst Amethyst Shard
  • copper Copper Ingot
  • diamond Diamond
  • emerald Emerald
  • gold Gold Ingot
  • iron Iron Ingot
  • lapis Lapis Lazuli
  • netherite Netherite Ingot
  • quartz Quartz
  • redstone Redstone Dust

Then, combined with the tool trim smithing templates, you can get over 1200 combinations!


Shiny Tools Advancement

"Shiny Tools" is a new advancement that can be obtained by getting a trimmed tool.



  • /function tooltrims:custom_items - This command places a chest with all the tool trim smithing templates and the toolsmithing table.
  • /function tooltrims:uninstall - This command removes all Toolsmithing Tables placed on the ground and untrims all tools in players' inventories.
  • /function tooltrims:load - This command lets you reload only the Tool Trims Data Pack, it can be useful if it isn't working as expected.
  • /trigger update_tool - If you used an old version of this Data Pack, this command lets you update your old trimmed tool by holding it on your main hand.
Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I getting the Toolsmithing Table every few seconds?

This bug happens when you're using a "Unlock all recipes" data pack, make sure to disable it.

Does the Required Resource Pack need OptiFine/CIT Resewn?

No, but it still works with it.

Why aren't the custom items appearing in the creative menu?

Unfortunately, data packs cannot add modified items to the creative menu. However, you can always get them by using the command "/function tooltrims:custom_items".

Can I make a post/video about it on social medias?

Yes, if you give me the credits including a direct link to this page. Please do not distribute modified versions.


Thanks to:

  • ImpossibleEvan, for the "Linear" and "Tracks" names.
  • Coolsa, for the Gui Generator.

Enjoy! :)

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