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Trimmable Tools

Trimmable Tools is a datapack and mod that allows you to use the revamped Smithing Table to trim your tools!


Minecraft 1.20 introduced the ability to trim armor with certain designs on it. This project expands upon that and lets you trim tools as well.

The way to trim tools is exactly the same as trimming armor: You'll need to use a Smithing Table and put in a smithing template, a tool, and a trim material. Unlike armor, all smithing templates will create the same trim pattern for tools! Swords, pickaxes, axes, shovels, and hoes of all tool tiers can be trimmed using any of the ten trim materials.

While the part of the pack that allows you to trim tools is server-side, clients will need to have either the resource pack (attached with the datapack) or the mod installed to see the textures correctly.

If you are using Trimmable Tools on 1.19.4, the 1.20 built-in datapack MUST be enabled.

Big thanks to _humanoid who made the textures for this mod!

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