UHC Ready

With UHC Ready you can setup a UHC in a few minutes using a existing world


  1. Use /reload to reload all datapacks
  2. Follow the chat prompts, if you can't use the chat use /function uhcr:start
  3. Wait for all the players to join then click [​START] in the chat or use /function uhcr:ready


At the moment the only way to change the border shrink time is to manually edit some datapack files

Time until the border shrinks

By default the border will start to shrink after 10 minutes, but you can change this

  1. Open the folder of the datapack and navigate to /uhcready/data/uhcr/functions
  2. Open game_loop.mcfunction with your favorite text editor game_loop.mcfunction in a text editor
  3. Go to the 4th line and change 12000 with the amount of time that you want to set in Minecraft ticks (20t = 1s)

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