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A Survival War datapack, have fun in this close-to-vanilla PvP!

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A Survival War datapack, have fun in this close-to-vanilla PvP!

Check out the latest update and latest Information on github/查看最新版本信息

Advices/Translation Submit(提交建议/翻译)

Under Beacon is a kind of Survival War, i.e. PvP game that requires players to collect resources as in vanilla survival mode. Packs with Version 0 are Survival Wars, and packs with Version 1 or greater are Under Beacons.

The border of the world will be shrinking, 2 teams will compete in this arena. The team survives wins.

UnderBeacon accelerated the speed of farming. Players may start with a talent.

Reminder for Playing 游玩提示

  1. Some recipes of important equipments has been modified. Please refer to the official website or reminder in game to view.
    • 重要装备的配方已修改,请通过游玩说明或游戏内提示了解。
  2. Height limit for this game is -16~256. 高度限制为-16~256。
  3. We apologize for the lack of multilingual support. English will be added in released versions.
    • 我们将会提供多语言支持。
  4. If you need any language support, create an issue on github via this link.

Lisence and Derivative Policy 许可协议与二创政策

Expand 展开

Any other publishes except for Modrinth and Bilibili are unauthorized.

  • Modrinth及Bilibili以外的发布未授权。
  1. You MAY play this game privately.

  2. You CANNOT display or share Adapted Material of this datapack, resource pack, and/or other part of the work, unless you have obtained a once-permission via this link to Bilibili whisper.

    1. If you receive no revenue from your work, you CAN first upload it on Bilibili/zhihu, and then call me through whisper (private message) or @lytDARK in comments. Unless we found inappropriate content, you would't need to worry about licensing issues.
      • 若你不从你的有关作品中取得任何收益,可先在Bilibili/知乎上传你的作品,再通过私信或评论区@lytDARK观看。除非发现不合适的内容,你基本上无需担心许可问题。
    2. When you upload any form work about/based on this game on Youtube, bilibili or other social media platform likewise, in addition to obtaining permission, you also need to add links to this page, the github page, and https://space.bilibili.com/305208703 as the author's home page.
      • An example:
      • Download this game: https://modrinth.com/datapack/ underbeacon
        View on GitHub: https://github.com/lytDARK/UnderBeacon
        Author's Homepage: https://space.bilibili.com/305208703
    • 当您在Youtube、bilibili或其他社交媒体平台上传关于/基于此游戏的作品时,您需添加此页面、github页面,和作者主页 https://space.bilibili.com/305208703的链接。
      • 例:
      • 下载小游戏:https://modrinth.com/datapack/underbeacon
  3. All rights reserved, but you may have access to the packs.

  4. The lisence MAY be changed without notification.

  5. The Chinese text (but not the English text) shall have effect. This text is for reference only.

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