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VillEdit - Create your own custom villagers

This Datapack was inspired by CommandGeek:


VillEdit is a Datapack which allows you to create and edit your own custom villagers. You can edit the trades, profession, biome, level and even the name with a fancy menu in no time. At the end, you will get a spawn egg to spawn your custom villager anywhere in the world. Watch the tutorial video above for more details.

Tutorial Video

How to use

Place down a chest, and then use a villager spawn egg on top of it (sneak and right click the top). This will spawn a Villager Editor. Right click the barrel to open the menu.

Changing Trades

In the editor, click on Add Trade. Then, open the new hopper that appears. On the left of the equals are the items that the villager is going to buy, and on the right of the arrow is the item the villager is selling:

Clicking on Remove Trade will remove the trade at the bottom of the list (the most recently added trade).

Changing the Style

These options below explain how to change what the villager looks like:

  • Cycle Profession: This will change the profession/job of the villager, which controls what the villager looks like.
  • Cycle Biome: This will change the biome type of the villager, which also controls what it looks like.
  • Cycle Level: This will change the level of the villager, which can be Apprentice, Expert etc. It also changes the type of gem on their clothes.
  • Rename: This will give you a Book and Quill. Open the Book and Quill, and type a name into the first page of the book. The name MUST be in quotation marks OR json. Once you are done, click [​Done]. Then, throw the Book and Quill onto the villager

Saving and exiting

Once you’re done, open the editor and press Save. This will give you the spawn egg to spawn your custom villager. You can use it wherever and whenever you want, but make sure to keep the egg safe.

To remove the editor, press End. This will kill the editor (but spawn eggs will still work).