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Witches Improve Over Time

Witches Improve Over Time

Witches improve over time, increasing their health, speed, better potions, etc.

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Witches Improve Over time

Witches get stronger over time. Difficulty is calculated for each player separately. The improvements are gradual, taking place every minecraft day (20 minutes).

Stat increase

Stats that change include:

  • Health
  • Movement speed
  • Knockback resistance
  • Passive regeneration
  • Increased levels of negative effects thrown
  • Day 100 witches can blind the player
  • Day 100 witches have the ability to teleport away from the player, blinding them and summoning a bunch of bats that dissapear after a short while. (this ability can be disabled)


Timer for difficulty is per player, and increases every minecraft day (20 minutes). sleeping does NOT forward this timer. Max difficulty is day 100+ and difficulty does not increase after that.


To test out how hard the witches are, use functions witch:day25, witch:day50, witch:day75, witch:day100 or use command: /scoreboard players set <player> witchdif <number>. To reset your score use witch:reset, to reset all of players difficulty, use witch:resetall.

There are two other functions called witch:shouldoneshot and witch:shouldnotoneshot. These functions modify day 100's witches strenght of instant damage potion. This is toggled ON by default. If left ON, witches can one shot a player in full prot 4 diamond armor with a direct hit. If turned OFF, witches only deal 3 hearts with a direct hit. to turn off, use witch:shouldnotoneshot, and to turn back on, use witch:shouldoneshot.

There are two other functions witch:canteleport and witch:cannotteleport, which enable/disable ability of day 100 witches to teleport when a player gets nearby.


Like your ordinary datapack, put zip file in datapacks folder of your world.


Run function witch:uninstall and remove the datapack from datapacks folder


I am planning on making a version of this datapack for each common mob, then making a datapack consisting of all of them (This is the sixth mob improvement datapack I made).

Here are all the datapacks "X improve over time" I made: - Zombies - Creepers - Spiders - Skeletons - Witches - Drowned - Silverfish - Pillagers - Vindicators - Strays - Wither Skeletons

All of them are compatible with eachother, and I recommend you play with all of them for the best experience.