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WorldBorder's addon for BlazeandCave's Advancements Pack

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WorldBorder's addon is a datapack for BACAP that set WorldSize to 1 block and if you get advancements the world expand. The more difficult the achievement, the more blocks it will expand the world

The idea of this datapack:

The idea of this datapack is that it would be more difficult for the player to complete achievements, but that player could still complete them all, therefore, when receiving an achievement for removing 10,000 blocks from one of the coordinates, the world will expand greatly and will continue to expand for the achievements that the player receives when moving away from spawn. This allows you to complete the datapack completely.

Why is there a separate version for vanilla and bukkit

In the vanilla, the barrier is synchronized in all dimensions, and in bukkit, its dimensions are independent for each dimension, while there is no reliable way to determine the server core there are two separate versions

Installing for singleplayer or vanilla(non-bukkit) server

  • Download and install datapack in the world

    • Use vanilla-version of datapack
    • For a new world: You can click the "Data Packs" option when creating a new world and select this datapack.
    • For an existing world: Paste it into world folder - (world-name)/datapacks.
    • Restart world
    • Use /function bc_wb:config to configure datapack

Installing for bukkit/spigot/paper/(other fork) servers

  • Download and install datapack in the world

    • Use bukkit-version of datapack
    • Paste it into world folder - (world-name)/datapacks.
    • Restart server
    • Use /function bc_wb:config to configure datapack

Warning: the World Border of the world will become 1 block and the players will be teleported

If you have any questions, bugs, suggestions you can create an issue

Created by _Fedor_F, ItzSkyReed, Hogurt

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