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Additional Armoury


Adds 2 new melee weapons, 2 new ranged weapons (including an enchantment-based magic system), 2 new armour and tool materials.

The aim of Additional Armoury is to add equipment that introduces a new ways to play the game while adhering to the vanilla style.

Melee Weapons


Daggers are a new melee weapon offering faster attack speed, but lower damage than swords.
What makes daggers unique is that they can be tipped with lingering potions, similar to arrows. Tipped daggers have limited uses until they lose their potion effect, each lingering potion used in the recipe will add 8 uses to the dagger, up to a maximum of 64.

When attacking an enemy, a fully charged hit (including charged hits) will inflict the dagger's potion onto the target. This is modified by new dagger enchantments: Adhesive and Splatter.

  • Adhesive grants unlimited potion use, but is incompatible with mending and drains durability.
  • Splatter applies potions to nearby enemies in a manner similar to sweeping edge. This drains more uses from the dagger, but when paired with Adhesive, will drain durability faster.

Daggers are classified as Dual Weapons, making them compatible with Dual Swords.


Maces are a new melee weapon that reduces armour effectives of targets that you critically strike. They are heavy hitting and slow.

The mace is aimed towards PvP encounters, offering an opportunity to deal increased damage to an opponent.

Maces have unique enchantments that modify their behaviour:

  • Shredding increases the duration of the armour penalty.
  • Dismantle makes maces deal additional durability damage to armour worn by an opponent.

Ranged Weapons


The boomerang is a new ranged weapon that relies on physics.

Unlike other ranged weapons when thrown, the boomerang item does not leave the hand, but instead places the item on cooldown. Boomerangs return to the owner as part of their ricochet mechanic, if a boomerang reaches its owner then it will refresh the cooldown, allowing the owner to throw it again early.

When a boomerang hits a mob or a surface, it will ricochet and bounce off. The final ricochet will always return the boomerang to the owner's current position. By default a boomerang is allowed one ricochet, enough to return it immediately to the owner.

Boomerangs get unique enchantments:

  • Ricochet increases the number of ricochets allowed to the boomerang.
  • Strong Arm increases the damage of the boomerang.
  • Discus increases the distance a boomerang can fly before returning to the user.
  • Multithrow shoots out 3 boomerangs at once (only the centre one refreshes the cooldown).


Staves are a unique weapon that does nothing until it is enchanted. There are a number of staff enchantments, each one possessing different properties and some of them even being utility options.

Unlike bows and other use-action weapons, staves do not trigger on release. Instead, staves activate when the spell has fully charged, they must be used preemptively to be most effective.
Staff enchantments cannot be gained from librarian villagers, instead they are found only from the enchantment table, Evoker loot, and very rare chest loot.


Additional Armoury splits endgame progression into three paths. Netherite scraps can be combined with echo shards or popped chorus fruit instead of gold ingots. These new variants are Overnether and Endernether.

Whereas Netherite armour grants knockback resistance, Overnether instead grants maximum health and Endernether grants bonus movement speed.
Whereas Netherite weapons have more damage than diamond, Overnether has the same damage as diamond but increased knockback, Endernether has the same damage as diamond but faster attack speed.

There are no set bonuses for the armour and weapons. They can be mixed and matched to suit any playstyle.

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