AIOT Botania

AIOT Botania

This mod adds AIOTs to Botania.

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Created a year ago
Updated a month ago

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  • update data files - MelanX
  • fix lexicon - MelanX
  • fix alfsteel aiot breaks too less blocks when activated - MelanX
  • Added seed drop feature for livingwood/livingrock shears
    • Shears used on tall grass will always drop a random seed
    • Shears can be enchanted with silk touch to drop normal grass
  • Added disposable support to aiot
  • Added seed drop feature for livingwood/livingrock shears
  • Updated zh_cn.json (Imbarainbow)
  • Added ru_ru.lang (by TheDirectorX)
  • Added tooltips to AIOTs (closes #27)
  • Improved en_us.lang (by TheDirectorX)
  • re-add mythicbotany support - MelanX
  • update to 1.18.2, remove MythicBotany compat for now - MelanX
  • fire use hoe event with hoes and aiots - MelanX
  • fix alf aiot burst to match new mechanic - MelanX
  • re-add MythicBotany support - MelanX
  • fix super farmland not converting to dirt when block on top - MelanX
  • fix shears don't drop seeds and disposable blocks not being voided - MelanX
  • refactor code a lot and fix aiot not scraping and waxing off - MelanX
  • remove changelog from github - MelanX
  • port to 1.18.1 - MelanX