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Akashic Tome


The Book of Books. Store every documentation book in one.

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Warning: For versions 1.19.2 and older, Akashic Tome Requires AutoRegLib!

Akashic Tome is a mod that pairs with Morph-o-Tool. The only item it adds is the Akashic Tome, crafted with a Book and a Bookshelf.

The Akashic Tome is meant to be used in large modpacks where every mod adds its own documentation book. Instead of cluttering your inventory, you can hold them all in one slot and swap as needed.

  • The Akashic Tome can store other mods' documentation books for later perusal.
  • To add a book to it, simply combine them in the crafting table. You can have as many as you want, including duplicates.
  • You get the actual item from the mod, not an emulated item or a container. This ensures 100% compatibility with that item's functionality.
  • The item gets some NBT data tacked on to it to ensure the game knows how to change it back.
  • You can use a transformed Tome for crafting, but you probably shouldn't, since you'll lose all other attached items.
  • To transform the tome into another mod's documentation book that is added to it, simply right click and pick the book you want from the menu.
  • Sneak-right clicking a modded block from will transform the tome into its documentation book, if available in the tome. If you have multiple books from the same mod, it'll give you the first book added.
  • To untransform back into the tome, punch the air.
  • To remove stored books, transform the Tome into the book to remove, then sneak and press your "drop" key.


The config file for the mod includes the following:

  • An option to allow every single item to be attached. Disabled by default.
  • A blacklist for mods that should not have items attached.
  • A whitelist for names where items that contain them should be able to be attached (like book, tome, lexicon...)
  • A whitelist for specific items that don't contain the previous names that should also able to be attached.
  • An alias list. Allows you to redirect one mod to another. For example, RFTools adds the Smart Wrench, and the alias list contains "rftoolsdim=rftools", so when you look at an RFTools Dimensions block (different mod) while you have a Smart Wrench, it'll grab that instead. Other aliases include Thermal Dynamics to Thermal Expansion, for example.

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