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0.9.2 (1.19.3)


What's New:

No hotfixes today. Just lukewarm fixes.

  • Fixed the .andromeda folder not getting created in some cases.
  • Fixed the item group causing a crash if you enabled an unregistered item and didn't restart Minecraft.
  • Fixed furnace boats going underwater.
  • Changed effect list for "Campfire Effects". You need to specify effects again.
  • GUI particles will no longer flash for a frame after closing their screen.
  • Most features now... feature an environment marker. (Client/Server/Both)
  • Made all options require restart if Compat Mode is on.
  • Fixed some classes appearing as [] in the log.
  • Optional data will only get uploaded after mod update or first install.
  • Replaced accessors with AWs.
  • Added success logs to more registries.
  • Improved "Item Frame Tooltips" logic.
  • Switched to builders in AdvancementGeneration.
  • Updated Chinese translation. Courtesy of Rad233.
  • Updated Dark Matter.
  • Some other things.


andromeda-0.9.2-1.19.3.jar(964.73 KiB) Primary Download
andromeda-0.9.2-1.19.3-sources.jar(452.07 KiB) Download

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