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What's New:

No hotfixes today. Just lukewarm fixes.

  • Fixed the .andromeda folder not getting created in some cases.
  • Fixed the item group causing a crash if you enabled an unregistered item and didn't restart Minecraft.
  • Fixed furnace boats going underwater.
  • Changed effect list for "Campfire Effects". You need to specify effects again.
  • GUI particles will no longer flash for a frame after closing their screen.
  • Most features now... feature an environment marker. (Client/Server/Both)
  • Made all options require restart if Compat Mode is on.
  • Fixed some classes appearing as [] in the log.
  • Optional data will only get uploaded after mod update or first install.
  • Replaced accessors with AWs.
  • Added success logs to more registries.
  • Improved "Item Frame Tooltips" logic.
  • Switched to builders in AdvancementGeneration.
  • Updated Chinese translation. Courtesy of Rad233.
  • Updated Dark Matter.
  • Some other things.

What's New:

  • The big highlight for today is the new FeatureManager.
  • The FeatureManager will configure the mod for you in case of certain conflicts. Be it conflicting features or mods.
  • By default, the FeatureManager will check for the following conditions:
    • If the game is running with Connector. (Enables compatibility mode and disables some other features).
    • If either "Safe Beds" or "Beds Explode Everywhere" is enabled.
    • When Iceberg <1.1.13 is loaded. (Disables "Tooltip, not Name" and "Item Frame Tooltips").
  • Mod developers can add custom FeatureProcessors using either the andromeda:feature_manager entrypoint (you must implement the Runnable interface).
  • Or by using the custom block in their fabric.mod.json.
  • Either way, you can read more on the wiki.

Other minor things.

  • Removed the incubator tooltip and rarity.
  • There's now a 24-hour interval in between translation updates.
  • Made log messages a little cleaner.
  • Fixed NoSuchFileException during loading.
  • Fixed No data fixer registered for andromeda_* warnings.
  • Fixed running on Connector
  • Updated Chinese translation. Courtesy of Rad233.
  • Updated Dark Matter

What's New:

  • New tweak! [Experimental] Villager Gifting!

    • Allows to restore some reputation by giving gifts to villagers!
  • New option! Auto-update translations!

  • Made tooltips from "Tooltip, not name" more transparent and lower.

  • Removed config upload.

  • Common library modules are now removed from the uploaded crash report.

  • ToolTipFix is no longer recommended in-game.

  • Loader and MC versions are now enforced.

  • Fixed Tooltips rendering over Screens and other GUI elements.

  • Fixed the "Recovery compass" tooltip option being called "Compass".

  • The config is no longer registered in the MixinPlugin (fixes compatibility with mods that modify AutoConfig, e.g. LibZ)

  • Fixed a few mixins (they were somehow working, but broke after updating deps).

  • Updated: Loom, Gradle, Fabric API, ModMenu, Cloth Config.

What's New:

  • Fixed tooltip mixins loading on servers.
  • Fixed analytics.
  • "Safe Beds"' and "Beds Explode Everywhere"'s mixins will now get disabled with compat mode on.
  • Bee Nests will now use tags to detect if they're on trees.
    • Now they will check if the block below is air, block above is a log/leaf block and if one of the blocks in 4 directions is a log.
    • Also, fixed a possible bug with bee nest duplication.
  • Made the icon a bit smaller.
  • Updated Dark Matter
  • A few other internal changes.

What's New:

  • [GUI] New Tweaks! Tooltip, not Name!
    • Shows item's tooltip instead of name after selecting that item on your hotbar.
  • [Entities] New Tweaks! Snowball Tweaks!
    • Allows setting a custom cooldown for snowball usage.
    • Freeze entities on hit.
    • Extinguish entities on hit.
  • [Items] New Tweak! Compass Tooltip!
    • Show distance to compass' target.
  • Furnace screen particles will now disappear after closing the screen.
  • Slightly improved crash reporting.
  • Fixed a null check in Incubator's tick method.
  • Updated Dark Matter
    • This fixes an issue where GUI elements from other mods would jitter while drawing item frame tooltips (1.20+)
  • A few other internal changes.

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