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Anti Xray

Anti Xray is a lightweight fabric mod that allows server owners to combat xrayers.


# Default values
enabled = false

# World specific values
enabled = true
engineMode = 3
maxBlockHeight = 256
updateRadius = 2
lavaObscures = false
hiddenBlocks = ["#c:ores", "raw_copper_block", "raw_iron_block", "raw_gold_block"]
replacementBlocks = ["stone", "deepslate", "andesite", "calcite", "diorite", "dirt", "granite", "gravel", "sand", "tuff", "mossy_cobblestone", "obsidian", "clay", "infested_stone", "amethyst_block", "budding_amethyst", "chest"]

enabled = true
engineMode = 1
maxBlockHeight = 128
updateRadius = 2
lavaObscures = true
hiddenBlocks = ["ancient_debris", "nether_quartz_ore", "nether_gold_ore", "gold_block", "gilded_blackstone"]

Config option overview

enabled if set to true anti xray will be active in the specified world

engineMode can either be 1, 2 or 3 see [Engine Modes](#Engine Modes)

maxBlockHeight controls the max height at which blocks should get obfuscated

updateRadius controls how many blocks away from shown blocks obfuscation should start (if your players see fake ores it is recommended to increase this value)

lavaObscures if set to true blocks next to lava will get obscured

hiddenBlocks a list of blocks to hide (Engine mode 1) or a list of blocks to use for obfuscation (Engine mode 2/3)

replacementBlocks is a list of blocks that will be obfuscated, but not used as fake blocks (Engine mode 2/3 only)

Engine Modes

Info Image
Anti xray disabled: This is just for reference
EngineMode 1: This mode will replace all fully obscured (no air around) blocks from hiddenBlocks with blocks from replacementBlocks
EngineMode 2: This mode will replace all blocks from hiddenBlocks and replacementBlocks with random blocks from hiddenBlocks
EngineMode 3 (recommended): Works very similar to engine mode 2, but works better with slow connections

Legit player view: Legit players wont notice any changes when this mod is installed (unless they have high ping or modify a lot of blocks at once, eg: explosions)


This mod is a port of Papers Async Anti Xray Patch from 1.17 and it's 1.14 patch for networking code, to fabric and forge

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Server side
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