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Apollo the Parrot

This is a silly little mod that brings TikTok and YouTube star Apollo the parrot to Minecraft. With it installed, you'll start hearing parrots banter just like Apollo does. This includes his famous "glassk", "SUCK", "it's a bowl" and many more!

This mod also adds a new African grey parrot variant that looks just like Apollo 🦜


❓ Questions

How do I install it?

Download it and put it in your mods folder. The mod needs Fabric API and ETF to function. If you've never played with mods before, I recommend Prism Launcher.

Can I use this mod in my modpack?

Of course you can!

Will you maintain and update this mod?

Yes. I'm actually including this question to force myself to do it. If you're reading this and the mod isn't available for the latest Minecraft version, please complain about it on GitHub and I will update it.

Will you make a Forge version?

Probably not!


🌟 Support my work!

If you like this mod, here's some things you can do:

  • Tell your friends about it! Share the link or some videos of it on social media
  • Check out my other projects, like Bonjourr or
  • Add a GitHub Star to the repository ⭐️



☕️ Donate

This is my only Minecraft mod, but I love making high quality open source software! My goal is to become a full time indie developer. Donations motivate me to pour more time into these projects and tackle more ambitious ones.


🧑‍💻 Roadmap

  • Add even more Apollo sounds
  • Find a way to make the sounds less echoey
  • Find a way to include the Apollo texture variant without having to rely on ETF
  • Add an achievement when you tame a parrot with Apollo's texture
  • Pistache item/plant
  • ☑️ Make a showcase video


Project members



Technical information

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Server side
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