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The once endless ocean, the waters of which were raised from the depths by gusty winds, the ocean that was sailed by brave voyagers and fearsome flotillas of pillagers, is now chained in ice and snow.

Frozen in time... The ships of those who were unlucky froze in the merciless ice, at the same moment terrible creatures crawled out of the abyss into the light of day. Through the blizzard, only the rare sounds of the horns of those who still hope for rescue are heard. What could transform the once unbridled ocean so drastically?

Requires Obscure API


Ice Maze:

  • Ice location with unique generation. Maze on the surface, frozen ocean under the ice.
  • Generates in the vanilla Deep Frozen Ocean biome, making it compatible with all world generation mods.
  • Lots of different sized structures for survival.
  • Unique ambient. Background sounds, music and particles.

Terrible deep-sea (and not only) creatures:

  • Anglerfish
  • Maw
  • Mother of the Maze
  • Eel
  • Tortured Soul
  • Golden Moth

All creatures have complex animations (Idle, move, attack)

Ghost of Captain Cornelia:

  • Boss with smooth animation and a set of deadly abilities.

Unique Equipment:

  • Many weapons with various abilities.
  • Several sets of armor with unique effects of half-sets and full-sets.

New Items:

  • Food, сonsumable items, items with unique properties and decorations.

Config File:

  • Customizable generation, creatures and ambient.

Distribution Rules

You can:

  • Use this mod in your modpacks and monetize modpacks with this mod.
  • Use this mod on your servers and monetize servers with this mod.
  • Use this mod in your videos and monetize videos with this mod.
  • Repost this mod to other sites and services with a link to this page.
  • Сreate addons for this mod.

You can not:

  • Distribute modified mod files (Use them on public servers, add them to public modpacks or upload them to websites).
  • Use mod assets for your projects. All resources are protected by copyright.

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