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View yours and others' skins through armor.

When toggled (with v by default) your armor will stop rendering.

If you shift and press the toggle key (V by default) all player armor will stop rendering.

This mod is only client-side and won't affect the rendering of armor on other clients.


The configuration file is located at .minecraft/config/armor_visibility.json. It can also be edited through in-game UI (using Mod Menu on Fabric and Quilt).

Default Config File

  "version": 3,
  "keep_elytra_visible": false,
  "keep_cape_visible": true,
  "players_only": true

Config Option Descriptions

  • keep_elytra_visible: When true, elytra will remain visible.
  • keep_cape_visible: When true, capes will remain visible.
  • players_only: When true, armor rendering on other entities (zombies, armor stands, etc.) won't be toggle-able.

Report any issues on GitHub. Chat on Discord in the #armor-visibility channel.

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