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Access REI Recipes From A Block (ARRFAB)

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A mod that allows to view REI recipes from a block through keybinds!


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ARRFAB (a.k.a. Access REI Recipes From A Block)

A Minecraft screenshot showing the two keybinds added by ARRFAB.

ARRFAB is a mod that adds two keybinds: "View Recipes" (bound to Page Up) and "View Usages" (bound to Page Down), these two keybinds allows to view Roughly Enough Items recipes from a block by looking at it then pressing the key. It's as simple as that! While only block recipes are supported by REI itself, entities recipes added by addons like Roughly Enough Resources are supported by this mod too.

If words aren't sufficient, then there's a short demonstration of it here.

This mod depends on the Fabric API and Roughly Enough Items. Currently compatible with Minecraft 1.17+ and REI 6