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AutoJump KeyBind

AutoJump KeyBind

Set up hotkey for autojump.

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Createda year ago
Updated5 months ago

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AutoJump KeyBind Mod - a mod that allows you to configure the button to enable and disable auto jump.

In minecraft 1.18, bigger mountains and rocks were added, and because of this, auto-jumping, in my opinion, made much more sense. However, auto-jump is not always needed and can sometimes get in the way. Going into the settings every time to turn it on or off is very inconvenient, but that's what I made this mod for. It adds the ability to configure a key (default "R") to enable and disable autojump.

You can also set the key to only turn on or only turn off individually if you suddenly need it.

At the moment, I have not yet figured out how to signal the user about the auto-jump on or off, so for now, the mod does not report switching in any way.

This is my first mod so I welcome suggestions and comments.