A way to automate the whitelist of a minecraft server based on discord roles

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The mod may not work properly with other discord integration mods if they use a different version of JDA

AutoWhitelist is a mod made to automate the whitelisting of players based on their Discord role.
Its main purpose is to make the whitelisting of Twitch subscribers and YouTube channel members easy.

This mod works on top of the vanilla whitelist, so make sure to enable the vanilla whitelist, you can do that by changing white-list on to true or by running whitelist on on the server console

The mod does not support running the register command on DMs!

You can set the bot message text with a datapack, more about it can be found here

You can find a tutorial on how to configure and install the mod here

The configuration file can be found at config/autowhitelist.json5, it is auto-generated after the mod is run for the first time

To register your player run the command /register <username> in Discord
The command requires the user to insert their Java username, if they change their nick, they don't have to register again.
There is no way for a user to change their registered account or to register another one, a moderator will have to run /whitelist remove <player> in the Minecraft server.
An example of running the command is /register AwakenedRedstone
The mod does not officially support offline servers.
When a player looses the role or leaves the discord server they are automatically removed from the whitelist

To reload a specific part of the mod run /autowhitelist reload [bot|cache|config] or /autowhitelist reload to reload everything

About porting

Porting to other platforms is fully allowed, as long as:

  1. A link to the original mod's Modrinth page is put within the first 5 lines of the project description
  2. Credits are given to the author of the original mod
  3. The ported version is free and open source
  4. The config structure allows a seamless or easy migration from/to the original mod

A native Forge version will not be made, but I may add compatibility for Connector if required
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