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By installing Axiom, you agree to the EULA available at

Axiom is an all-in-one tool for Minecraft editing. It merges the capabilities of 3D software with a sleek interface and an innovative toolset. Axiom simplifies Minecraft building while elevating its potential. Real-time previews and client-side rendering, powered by specialized algorithms, enhance both visual feedback and performance while building. NOTE: Axiom works normally alongside FAWE and VS once the plugin is installed on the server. It does not break these existing plugins.

Support the Project

By backing the project or acquiring a commercial license, you play a direct role in supporting Axiom's development, ensuring that we can keep delivering new features and updates.

Patrons get early access to future releases of Axiom and get to vote on upcoming features.

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Axiom provides a comprehensive toolset for real-time and detailed Minecraft world adjustments. Each tool is equipped with unique settings tailored for precision.

Builder Mode

Enhances vanilla Creative mode with Builder Mode's suite of enhancements:

  • Builder Context Menu: Hold 'Left Alt' to access a range of features such as Capabilities and Builder Tools.
  • Hotbar Swapper: Switch between hotbars for easier building material management.
  • Capabilities: Toggle various building functionalities that will enhance building in various ways so you build whatever, whenever.
  • Flight Speed: A convenient slider to adjust your flight speed, with speeds up to 10x.

Editor Mode

Press Right-Shift to enter the Editor Mode. Explore a range of tools ideal for world manipulation, painting, terraforming, and sculpting. The Editor Mode integrates familiar camera controls from 3D software with tailored tools for Minecraft building. Customize the UI layout by rearranging windows to suit your needs.

  • Selection Tools: Innovative selection methods, including magic and cuboid options. Use boolean logic for enhanced selection capabilities.
  • Painting Tools: Replace blocks seamlessly without just adding new ones. Choose from a variety of tools for specific block editing needs.
  • Drawing Tools: Sculpt and mold your world with an array of tools. Benefit from distinct placement algorithms for different effects.
  • Heightmap Tools: Modify terrains using a layered approach, inspired by tools like World Machine.
  • Manipulation Tools: Fine-tune terrains for your desired outcome. Smooth, distort, and refine using a series of specialized tools.

Commercial Use

We ask that 'Professional Builders' (i.e. people who make money through building in Minecraft) purchase a Commercial License. The commercial license unlocks the full potential of Axiom to power your commercial endeavours and provides several extra features such as:

  • Multiplayer Support: Collaborate with others on private build servers using Multiplayer Support
  • Custom Server APIs: Leverage powerful server APIs like serverside custom blocks to accelerate development
  • Automatic History Persistence: Automatically back up any changes to the world made by Axiom

In order to enable the above functionality, Axiom sends a request with your UUID to

And more to come! Axiom is constantly updating. Additional Commercial License features will be available soon.

How to Install

Here is a simple video that guides you through the installation process of Axiom.


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For Developers

Axiom has a Client API which can be used to create new tools or add features to the mod which can be found on the Axiom Client API Github. This is still in early stages of development. If you are a developer that wants to create addons for Axiom then please join the Discord and get in touch in case you need anything.

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