Back in Classic

Back in Classic


Brings back old features to new versions of Minecraft!

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Created2 years ago
Updated6 months ago

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There have been many, many removed beta features through the years. Today, I have added them back along with a few new features including: The instant bow shooting, old combat, the rose, seeds from farmland, and much, much more! Coming soon!

Back in Classic - Fabric Version is out!

The mod releases versions for Fabric and Fabric-like loaders including Quilt. Download the QSL to run there!

Hi everyone! As you can see, I have been hard at work on the transfer over to Fabric 1.19.4 to keep the mod going! Forge became a hindrance in my development so all versions going forward will be Fabric and hopefully Quilt!

Now, you all want to know what is in this version, don't you?

What's Currently Added

All previous blocks and biomes are ported over! (Items coming very soon) None of the original functionality is ported over yet though. You must use /give currently to get the blocks. Almost all loot tables are ported over, with several known to be broken but they will not cause crashes.

New properties for blocks!

Wax Blocks bounce you like slime! Glowing Obsidian gives a light level of 10! Nether Reactor Core gives a light level of 12! Crushed Gravel falls! Classic Nether Portal gives off a light of 9! Cave Rose and Wild Rose are now Red and Blue Rose!

The Source Link for this mod is now the Fabric Repository! Post any issues you have over there in the issues tab! Enjoy!

Discord Server

Join my Discord to vibe or talk about my mods! I am still new to all of this so any help is appreciated!


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