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  • Backport 1.18.2
  • Added marker file verification on load and exception log
  • Added user specify an option for list and remove command
    • Added additional permissions
      • bluemapadvancedmarker.remove.other
      • bluemapadvancedmarker.list.other
  • Integrated Fabric Permission API

    • bluemapadvancedmarker.create
    • bluemapadvancedmarker.remove
    • bluemapadvancedmarker.icons
    • bluemapadvancedmarker.list
    • bluemapadvancedmarker.listall
  • Added version command

  • Updated stable beta
  • Removed command point
  • Added new commands
    • help for getting a list of all commands
    • list for checking own markers
    • listall for checking all markers
    • create for creating a marker
    • remove for removing marker
  • Redesigned file structure for cache files
  • Uploaded alpha version

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