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Simple, customisable punishment utility mod for Fabric. Allows moderators to permanently/temporary ban, mute or kick players. Supports Fabric Permissions API used by LuckPerms and PlayerRoles.

Every user facing message is configurable with support of advanced formatting

It has build in support for SQLite and MySQL databases.

Commands and permissions

Command Permission Description
/banhammer banhammer.commands.main (default) Sends information about banhammer
/banhammer reload banhammer.commands.reload (op 4) Reloads mods config
/banhammer import <source> [<remove>] banhammer.commands.import (op 4) Imports bans from other sources (and removes them from it, if remove is set to true)
/ban <player> [<reason>] banhammer.punish.ban (op 3/config) Bans player
/tempban <player> <duration> [<reason>] banhammer.punish.tempban (op 3/config) Bans player for provided time
/ban-ip <player> [<reason>] banhammer.punish.banip (op 3/config) Bans player (by ip)
/tempban-ip <player> <duration> [<reason>] banhammer.punish.tempbanip (op 3/config) Bans player (by ip) for provided time
/mute <player> [<reason>] banhammer.punish.mute (op 3/config) Mutes player
/tempmute <player> <duration> [<reason>] banhammer.punish.tempmute (op 1) Mutes player for provided time
/kick <player> [<reason>] banhammer.punish.kick (op 3/config) Kicks player from server
/unban <player> banhammer.unpunish.unban (op 3/config) Removes player's (temp)bans
/unban-ip <player> banhammer.unpunish.unbanip (op 3/config) Removes player's (temp)ip bans
/unmutes <player> banhammer.unpunish.unmute (op 3/config) Removes player's (temp)mute
/pardon <player> banhammer.unpunish.pardon (op 3/config) Removes all of player's punishments

Additionally you can add -s Before reason, if you want to make that punishment silent.

Duration can be expressed in seconds (15/15s), minutes (3m), hours (24h), days (7d), years (1y) or any combination of these (5y3d9h3m8s).


  "punishmentsAreSilent": false,             // Makes all punishments silent
  "storeAllPunishmentsInHistory": true,      // Stores all punishments in additional database table
  "muteBlockedCommands": [                   // List of commands blocked to muted players
  "standardBanPlayersWithBannedIps": false,  // Gives users standard bans, when they are ip banned
  "autoBansFromIpBansAreSilent": true,       // Makes autobans from ip ban silent
  "defaultTempPunishmentDurationLimit": "-1",// Sets limit for duration of temporary punishments. -1 = no limit
  "permissionTempLimit": {                   // Allows to change duration limit of punishment with `banhammer.duration.<entry>` permission
    "example": "31d"
  "databaseType": "sqlite",                  // Changes database type ("sqlite" or "mysql")
  "sqliteDatabaseLocation": "banhammer-sqlite.db",  // sqlite databases location (from server's directory)
  "mysqlDatabaseAddress": "",                // Address of mysql database
  "mysqlDatabaseName": "",                   // Name of mysql database
  "mysqlDatabaseUsername": "",               // Username of mysql user
  "mysqlDatabasePassword": ""                // Password of mysql user

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