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Beelightful intends to make bee stings more realistic.

In vanilla Minecraft, when a bee stings you, you have the same effect - you lose two to three hearts depending on your difficulty and get the poison effect for a certain amount of time.

With this mod, however, when a bee stings you, the effect changes based on your world's seed and your UUID. Therefore, you will always have the same effect in the same world with the same seed, but the effect will only change if you start a new save or if you change accounts. Just like in real life, your allergic effect to bee stings does not change.

There's a chance that you will get any of the following effects:

  • Only hearts lost, no poison
  • Only poison, no hearts lost
  • Shorter poison length than usual
  • Normal effect
  • Longer poison length than usual
  • Longer poison length than usual plus double hearts lost
  • Allergy resulting in an instant fatality

This mod is currently in alpha and I'm hoping to expand it more in the future.

Requires Quilt Standard Libraries

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