Behgameon RPG Additions

Behgameon RPG Additions


Adding tons of new content to both Baubles and Curios, with full Mine and Slash support!

Client and server Equipment

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Behgameon is a collaborative project that adds 100+ new bauble (1.12.2)/ curios (1.14.4) items that are static. Meaning they do nothing! However, if you have something along the lines of Mine and Slash they will automatically link into that system and gain stats. This project was started in the hopes of not finding the same looking accessories while adventuring in Mine and Slash. However, say you want an rpg server that has its own baubles that do their own thing? Install this ole thing, and give say the necklace +3 Health, and equip it like that.

Where to Find Them?:

You can find these items in all vanilla loot chests or when installed alongside Mine and Slash, they will integrate into the loot table system of it.

No plans to integrate with any other mods. This mod was developed for 1.12.2, 1.14.4, 1.15.2, and 1.16.5, future plans may be posted later.

Modpack Permissions: Have fun with it.

Woot! There is source code! However this mod is very simple really, and even with it being available I will continue to support and develop new content. Along with adding source code, you may release the mod outside of personal use so long as you remove ALL textures used. All resources in the mod are personal and not openly licensed. This means so long as you do not use any of the textures found here in your mod, the code is yours to make do with.

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