• Fixed bells not dropping from killed entities.
  • Fixed bells not losing the strung tag when quick swapped.
  • Fixed bells not losing the strung tag upon entity death/dropping.
  • Bell sounds are now louder.


  • Fixed offsets on certain entities.
  • Horse entities that aren't horses can now have a bell equipped.

New Changes

  • Players can now equip the bell in the Head slot or the head/hat or chest/necklace slot if Trinkets is installed.
  • Added the ability to mute a bell by using string on an animal with a bell. You can right click an equipped bell with string to do the same for players.
  • Added sound for equipping and unequipping bell.
  • Bees can now wear bells.


  • Fixed bells rotating when going through -180 to 180 yaw.
  • Fixed bells taken off entities not stacking with other bells in the inventory.


  • Changed bell rotation from detecting head yaw to yaw.
  • Updated bell physics.
  • Toned down bell velocity.
  • Players who cannot modify the world (for example adventure mode) are now unable to add or take bells from entities.
  • Added the ability to put bells on most animals.

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